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Who is Kimberly Whalen?

Welcome to 'Who is Kimberly Whalen?' a fan site dedicated to the beautiful talented red headed actress and singer Kimberly Whalen. This is 100% run by fans who want to spread the word of this amazing woman and has no link to Kimberly herself

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Jul 23 '13

Curt Mega sings to Kimberly Whalen at G3

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Jul 10 '13
'Lovers Bridge'

'Lovers Bridge'

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Jul 9 '13

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Jun 15 '13

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Jun 14 '13

Anonymous Submission:

"Just wanted to say I’ve known Kim since a young age, and as much as you might want to hate her cause she’s so pretty ya can’t because she really is so sweet and a genuine person. Her family is so sweet too and her and Curt are perfect for each other.  

Random funny fact about her in middle school for the talent show everyone wanted to sing the song “My Heart Will Go On” cause it was huge that year. I don’t remember exactly how many people tried out with that song, but in the end she was the only one that was chosen to sing it”

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Apr 3 '13

Kimberly Whalen @ Lookbook Premiere 2013

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Apr 2 '13

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Mar 22 '13
Curt Mega ‏@curtmega  12 Mar 
Oh hey @kimberly_whalen, I like yo’ shirt. #WrinkledButDapper

Curt Mega @curtmega 12 Mar

Oh hey , I like yo’ shirt.

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Mar 3 '13

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Mar 3 '13

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